April 12, 2009

How to use Keygens Patches and Cracks

Guys whenever you download a software or any program ; along with the installation file you get a bunch of other files as well that are required to make that software full version..!

If you wonder what these files are and how they are to be used then this article is for you . Here i explain each and every item like keygen, patch , crack etc..in sufficient detail..


Keygens are used to supply you with a valid serial number for the aplication. Some will give you a user name ,organization/company name and a few more then that. For the most part you just need to copy and paste the information generated in to the registration (Some will not let you paste the information with the mouse, If this happens try using the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl+v". ) Make sure the keygen is the right one for the version of your software, some will work on more then one version though.


A patch is program that is applied inside of the software folder. (example- go to drive C in my computer then programs then to the folder for the program you just installed) You then copy the patch and paste it into the folder. many times this will replace a part of the program with the same name, if you get this file already exists do you want to replace it? say yes. A patch is almost always version specific, make sure you use the correct one.


Crack is sort of a generic term and can apply to any fix but many times you just click it and it will register the program by making changes to you computers registry.

Already cracked:

This is fairly simple, just install the program and your done.


this is a program that is installed in the application folder and it just makes the program think the trial version has not expired.


You get these in many downloads but when you click on them they open up a system information file. What you need to do is right click on it and open as and select note pad. you can now read how to apply the crack. you can also drag it to a blank note pad or rename the file to .txt.

I could have gotten more technical but I dont think it was needed

Hope this helps with questions about these.


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