April 9, 2009


Guys as u know about till 3-4 months back Adrive was considered as the best free file hosting service as it used to provide good download speeds , supported download managers and what not.
But of late Adrives service has gone from good to bad and from bad to worse.
They have imposed a hell lot of restrictions now like rapidshare like:

1]- max 5 downloads are provided for a file by adrive.If alerady 5 users are downloading a file you will have to wait then.THIS EXPLAINS THE PUBLIC FILE BUSY EROR THAT YOU OFTEN GET..!

2]- recently all the files that i had uploaded on Adrive were unshared by them, that means that all d adrive links that i provided on DOWNLOADS N HACKS after months of uploads became obsolete. I was devastated, but had to take it in my stride. So now if you find an adrive link on DOWNLOADS N HACKS that does not work just report it and i will rectify it as soon as possible.

3]- if a file has been deleted from d adrive server then it shows up a message file no longer available.In this case there is now way that it could be restored.

If u have some questions or any further issue pls feel free to ask.


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